Formulation Development

The precise and effective delivery of your pharmaceutical product is essential to achieve the desired pharmacological outcome. A reliable formulation not only ensures your drug will perform clinically but assures reproducibility in manufacturing and conform to optimal stability.

At Amogha Pharma Consultancy, formulation development is at the very foundation of what we offer to you, our client. Our staff of dedicated scientists can develop solutions; solid dosage forms; solids or liquid formulations of oral capsules; immediate or modified-release tablets; topicals to meet your needs and that of the targeted marketplace. Our formulations development scientists have extensive experience with challenging drug candidates with poor solubility, are inherently unstable, or not readily bioavailable. We provide creative solutions to these and other pharmaceutical development challenges utilizing both proprietary and non-proprietary technologies.

Here formulation begins with thorough review of authentic literature; development protocol and other respective document groundwork; followed by the extensive pre-formulation study for the molecule under consideration, to reflect on the potential challenges and organize the valuable solution beforehand. Moreover, formulation development processes programmed through the project management to avoid redundant time lapse. Furthermore, every project has the respective area under discussion, interlinked into the system.

We offer

Experienced scientists within a fully integrated services organization

Years of development experience across a wide range of difficult to formulate drugs

Flexible facilities and conditions capable of handling very small batch sizes as well as highly toxic compounds and controlled substances

Preformulation and drug characterization

Development capabilities include sterile parenterals and oral liquids, lyophilized products, liposomal delivery systems, and oral solid dose including both immediate and sustained/modified release.

Patented and proprietary drug delivery solutions.

International facilities to meet your global needs.