Quality Management System (QMS)

Amogha Pharma Consultancy can cater a vast assortment of policies, processes and procedures for planning and execution (Production/development/service) in the core business area of a pharmaceutical organization, either in the field of Active pharmaceutical manufacturing or in the formulation plants

QMS devised by Amogha Pharma Consultancy integrates the various internal processes within the organization and intends to provide a process approach for project execution. This integration of processes would be processed by the able and experienced personnel in this field’

Amogha Pharma Consultancy enables the organizations to identify, measure, control and improve the various core business processes that will ultimately lead to improved business performance.

Amogha Pharma consultancy adds value to businesses by attracting new clients and improving efficiency, through quality systems. Moreover, riveting the market specific quality guidance enforced by the various regulatory authorities including USFDA , MHRA UK, TGA Australia, MCC South Africa, ANVISA Brazil, WHO Geneva , HPFBI Canada and etc.,.

We are aiming at an integrated solution, with a fixed time scale and related standards.

Amogha Pharma Consultancy will equip the organization with an international externally audited standard and substantiate the success of the same through comprehensive implementation.

  • Adding value through management systems
  • Performing the Gap Analysis
  • Planning Activity
  • Training Activities for Executives
  • Documentation & Guidance in Implementation
  • Conducting Internal Audits
  • Conducting Management Review Meeting