Amogha Pharma Consultancy started with a vision of empowering the capable through vast and effective training. We have the group of people, who has enormous experience in various pharmaceutical departments, and imparted abundant knowledge through training to large number of people.

At Amogha Pharma Consultancy, we believe in facilitating the people to acquire, by providing requisite training and equipping them to excel in variety of fields, not limited to specific nature.

For so many years, Amogha Pharma Consultancy has been providing high quality technical training and continuing professional education to industry and government professionals worldwide.

Training in Amogha Pharma Consultancy primarily designed for analytical chemist, quality assurance personnel, formulation development chemists, regulatory personnel and to all other supporting staffs pertaining to API and formulation units of pharmaceutical industry.

These courses are intensive, focused, practical, and highly interactive, provides ample opportunity to address individual concerns.

Specialist programmes focusing on excellence in tableting, process control, statistics and other disciplines.

  • Integrated Tablet Formulation Development
  • The Challenges and Formulation Strategies for Poorly Soluble Drug Substances
  • Tablet Process Development and Validation
  • GMP Auditor Training
  • How to Audit API Manufacturers
  • Stability Testing in Pharmaceutical Development and Manufacturing
  • Customer Focused Project Management
  • Strategic Marketing